Aaron Minimax Surround Speaker System

Home Theatre Speaker System consisting of 2pr x SS-15, 1 x CC-15, 1 x SW-200, 1pr x TS-15 stands.

These speakers are small, versatile and packed full of features. The ease of installation is unparalleled. Each speaker comes with a keyhole incorporated into the sliding bracket/stand plus a single standard 6mm threaded hole on the back. It even has a badge that rotates in any direction along with two stage magnetic shielding.

With all theses facilities both the SS-15 and the CC-15 are mountable on any type of surface or wall in any direction. The cabinets are constructed of non resonant plastic with chamfered lip joints between the two enclosure halves thereby eliminating wind noise and cabinet vibration. A mylar cone material is used in the tweeters for smooth detailed high frequencies.

The woofer cones are carbon coated with rubber surrounds for solid bass, smooth mid range and low distortion. Hidden inside the speaker cabinet is a crossover comprising of eight elements, so even that which is hidden is state of the art. As you would expect the SS-15 and CC-15 are designed to integrate perfectly with our SW-200 or SW-400.

All you need to do is put them together and reward yourself with glorious invisible mini max sound.

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