C-series Vibration Absorbers

C-series Vibration Absorbers

Tekna Sonic Vibration Absorbers are compact and attach easily to the backs of loudspeakers or in-wall installations where they dissipate the mechanical energy of enclosure panel vibrations, the cause of distortion and smearing.


Product Description

Tekna Sonic C-Series Vibration Absorbers are available in 3 distinct models to accomodate any size of loudspeaker:

  • C-5 Dimensions HxWxD 1.3/4" x 4.5/8" x 4.3/4" Weight: 0.82 lbs Range 50-2000Hz
  • C-10 Dimensions HxWxD 1.3/4" x 7" x 4.3/4" Weight: 1.25 lbs Range 50-2000Hz
  • C-12 Dimensions HxWxD 1.3/4" x 7" x 4.3/4" Weight: 2.2 lbs Range 15-500H

With Tekna Sonic ibration Absorbers Now you can enjoy the full range and depth of musical recordings and movie sound tracks – the sound and pleasure you've always wanted but have been unable to achieve – even from the finest loudspeakers.