Cosmic Classic 4

Cosmic Classic 4

Shown with solid maple front

Product Description

Size: (HxWxD) 635 x 600 x 450mm
Glass size: (WxDxH) 480 x 400 x 10mm

For the most beautiful and sexy audio visual furniture in the universe…think COSMIC

The Cosmic range combines the practicality of a hi-fi rack with the elegance of a piece of furniture, and offers the following benefits:

Choice of solid woods

  • Solid 10mm glass toughened to BS
  • Adjustable intermediate shelves
  • Available with either adjustable spikes or flat feet
  • Cable management available to hide unsightly cables
  • Timesless contemporary aesthetics
  • Suitable for modern or period interiors

Do the Cosmic racks arrive fully built of flat-pack?
The Cosmic units are delivered in flat-pack form and due to their simple design and construction are very easy to build.
The main frame consists of five pieces and takes on average about fifteen minutes to assemble.

Are the shelves adjustable?
All the intermediate shelves are fully adjustable in increments of 40mm. Also, space permitting, more shelves can be added later if required.

Will a Cosmic unit take the weight of my TV?
You will be surprised how much weight a Cosmic unit take! As opposed to the usual 'four posts in four corners' type design, the Cosmic has a goal post type front which is made from solid hardwood (even the dowels used in the joints are hardwood) and the rear frame is manufactured from welded steel tube resulting in an extremely strong frame.

But they always say the structure is as strong as its weakest link and the weakest link on the Cosmic in terms on downwards weight are the screws that connect the wooden frame with the rear steel frame. For this reason we only use special high-strength screws thus guaranteeing that the frame will take the weight of even the largest 42" TV's without any problems.
The glass used is also 10mm thick and toughened to BS6206A

Does it come with flat or spiked feet?
The Cosmic units provide both adjustable spike and adjustable flat feet so you can choose the type of foot which suits your requirements.

Is there any facility for hiding cables?
As an optional extra there is a durable steel Cable Management Panel (CMP) that fits to the back of the frame and has a series of holes for the unsightly cables to go through.
The reason this is not standard is because those with thick non flexible interconnects may find it easier to have the back open.

Are the fronts solid or veneered?
All the fronts used on the Cosmics are manufactured from solid hardwoods which are forested from sustainable sources. All timber is kiln dried and less prone to warping or twisting.