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Pure Signal Cable

RINGMAT PURE SIGNAL is a very flexible interconnect cable of 4 conductors. Its low capacitance is maintained by advanced manufacturing techniques, with the screen helically wound over a polyester tape and connected to ground at the signal destination end of the cable.

With only one of the conductors used for the signal, and the other three being connected to ground, this makes a very substantial screen for the whole interconnect without adversely affecting the signal and provides a very effective barrier against radio frequency interference.


Product Description

SPECIFICATIONS – Pure Signal Cable 

  •  4 polypropylene insulated conductors of stranded high purity oxygen free copper wire, tinned
  •  Each conductor has 7 x 0.203mm diameter strands, giving a core size of some 0.23mm²
  •  Tinned, spiral screen of 160 x 0.1mm diameter strands.
  •  The moulded jacket is of an ultra flexible, arctic grade, neoprene polymer of 6.5mm outer diameter


  • Conductor capacitance: 44pF/m
  • Conductor inductance: 0.108microH/m
  • Conductor resistance: 0.072ohms/m
  • Place of manufacture: Germany