Spendor ‘S’ series Model SR5-CH Cherry finish

The Spendor SR5 is designed for on-wall installation. The slim cabinet is profiled and dimensioned to integrate with a specially developed Spendor 140mm bass-midrange drive unit. The driver has a large powerful motor-magnet system and very low Qe.

As a result the SR5 has an optimally flat and correctly damped frequency response. The response is also exceptionally smooth and well-maintained off-axis, very important for surround sound applications especially when the loudspeakers are not at ear height. The SR5 creates a wide deep sound field that allows great flexibility when planning the layout of rooms and seating.

Each SR5 is supplied with an adjustable stainless steel bracket. To guarantee consistent sound the bracket incorporates two non-resonant polymer damping rings to control the flow of energy from the cabinet to the wall. The Spendor SR5 is ideal for 2,5 or 7 channel loudspeaker systems and a diversity of high performance multiroom and multimedia applications.

It is the perfect surround loudspeaker for combination with other Spendor 'S' series loudspeakers.

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Product Description

Description : 2 way on-wall stereo/surround loudspeaker
Enclosure type : Sealed enclosure
Drive units HF : 25mm coated fabric dome, damped vented enclosure
Drive units LF/MF : 140mm ep38 polymer cone
Frequency response : 90Hz-20kHz ± 3dB on reference axis
Frequency range : -6dB at 70Hz
Dispersion : Within 3dB of response on reference axis

– Horizontal over 40° arc ( ±20°)
– Vertical over 20° arc ( ±10°)

Sensitivity for 1W @ 1m : 88dB
Impedance nominal : 8 ohms
Impedance minimum : 6.0 ohms
Crossover frequencies : 5.0kHz
Power handling : 15 – 125 watts into 8 ohms unclipped
Harmonic distortion : <1% 100Hz – 20kHz 90 dB @ 1m
Connections : 2/3 way gold plated bi-wirable terminals
Magnetic shielding : All drive units completely screened
Dimensions : H x W x D 309 x 311 x 176mm (12.1 x 12.2 x 6.9in)
Plinth maximum : W x D – Spikes/feet/stand height –
Net weight : 5.8kg (12.8lb)
Shipping weight : 6.9kg (15.2lb)
Accessories :supplied Stainless steel wall bracket and fixings
Cabinet : real wood veneer finishes Cherry, Maple, Rosenut, Black Ash

The Spendor 'S' series loudspeakers feature many innovations.

– Linear-flow port technology for non-turbulent low frequency air flow and predictable bass response
– Spendor 'e' drive units with stiff, light internally damped ep38 polymer cones for ultra low colouration
– Dynamically damped cabinets which reduce energy re-radiation to inaudible levels.

Each model delivers a balanced energy output to guarantee a consistent sound and a vivid seamless sound stage in a diversity of living environments. This technology is complemented by elegant modern styling.

Whether you listen to music or film, stereo or surround sound, there is a Spendor loudspeaker system to match your individual lifestyle. Each model is calibrated and matched to broadcast reference standards + 1.0dB.

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