Pure Class Integrated Amplifier

Sugden A21SE Pure Class Integrated Amplifier

A new product for 2005 from SUGDEN

The Sugden Team is proud to announce the A21SE Integrated Amplifier. The latest in a long line of amplifiers bearing the Sugden insignia A21, the Sugden A21SE product is truly magnificent example of Sugden “Pure Class A” sound reproduction. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK it encompasses the pride and soul of the Sugden team.

Evolving from the much-lauded Sugden A21a Integrated amplifier, an amplifier that has reference status throughout the world, the new SE will rapidly be recognised as the new reference standard against which others are judged.

Just as the original A21 shunned the commercial design trends of nearly forty years ago, so the A21SE maintains the development of Class A circuitry. “Rescuing Music from Technology” is a serious task, and a task which Sugden take great pleasure in. The curent Industry trend, to utilise one of a plethora of high speed spproximation power amplifier techniques is rejected in favour of Pure Class “A” circuitry. “Pure Class “A” amplification synonymous with Sugden, starting with total sum and maintaining it's completeness. Musical reproduction of the discerning listeners' complete satisfaction.

Product Description

  • Power Output: 48 Watts Pure Class A (4 ohms) 30 Watts Pure Class A (8 ohms)
  • Frequency Response: 13Hz to 110kHz
  • Bandwidth: 19Hz-155Hz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 110mV @ Zero Attentuation For Full Output
  • Input Impedance: 50K

Combining increased power with improved user facilities, this latest evolution of the Sugden A21 also incorporates a completely new line stage and remote volume control. The line stage is dual mono with separate current shunt power supplies and the ability to reproduce all types of music with unreserved dynamics and control. The A21SE is an amplifier with phenomenal musical capabilities that must be experienced to be believed. Positive and assertive with all types of epeakers it's wide bandwidth capabilties ensure it's compatibility with all the modern formats of reproduction.