Sugden Masterclass Phono-Amplifier

Sugden Masterclass Phono-Amplifier

An amplifier of the most extreme sensitivity with separate moving coil and moving magnet/RIAA gain stages. Facilities include two moving coil stereo input pairs, with variable impedance loading and a single pair of moving magnet inputs.

These facilities are selected through precision relays operated via front fascia mounted switches. Designed with a tremendously high headroom they can accomodate cartridges of the most extreme output characteristics.


Product Description

  • Output : 10 volts (max)
  • Input Sensitivity : mc. 0.125mV for 125mV output mm 2.5mV for 125mV output
  • Frequency Response : 10Hz to 30kHz +/- 0.1dB
  • Stereo Separation :-70dB

The Sudgen Masterclass series presents the full magic and emotion of music. A totally complete and involving series where the technology and techniques have been subjected to hours and hours of soul searching to develop the ultimate musical performance.

The Masterclass units are all predominantly cased in aluminium expertly engineered and manufactured by our own skilled workforce. Cases which are designed to enhance performance, improve longevity and safely house the long life gold plated circuit boards. From input to output, including the user interface, all models are assembled in our premises using the highest grade of components.

Sugden Masterclass, extending the art of music reproduction beyond the scientific to an actual soul form and 'rescuing music from technology".

Input : Two stereo moving coil inputs 470R x 22nf / Two x stereo pairs load, adjustment phono sockets / One moving magnet stereo input facility
Outputs : Two pair stereo phono output sockets