Well Tempered Labs Versalex

– Symmetrex tone arm configuration
– “Zero Clearance” platter bearing
– Servo controlled motor with vibration controlled mounting
– 0.004″ polyester thread belt
– Fully damped LTD tonearm featuring golf ball suspended in silicone fluid for optimum variable damping – Easy azimuth adjustment
– Fixed headshell with no fussy setup
– Isolation feet included
– Acrylic platter
– “Baltic” Plywood plinth finished in real walnut
– Design Philosophies


Product Description

A multi-layer “Baltic” plywood plinth finished with a walnut veneer top surface. Baltic plywood is dimensionally stable and has a very natural resonance that also results in a natural “EQ” which is excellent for our purpose.

“It was the analog source that captivated most. It’s sound was relaxed, natural and effortless, but immaculately timed and tonally impressing”- Audio Beat